The following comments are from participants after a
Crystal Sound Healing Session

A special note of appreciation from Yvonne Hughes who suffered from debilitating attacks from Menieres Disease, creating extreme vertigo, vomiting, aural fullness, tinnitus, deafness and diarrhoea.

Along with two other natural therapies Yvonne Hughes attended my sound healing sessions. In 2013 she wrote praising the benefits of Sound Therapy – a brief excerpt - ‘ The beautiful sounds from your crystal bowls reduced the intensity of my tinnitus following the sessions … the deep sense of relaxation gained has continued to resolve and dissipate my anxieties, which in turn helps me recover from my disease, my blood pressure has reduced and my clarity of thought has improved. I often listen to your CD at times when I am stressed or feel exhausted. It helps me every time … it seems to work synergistically with other alternative treatments. I have not had a severe attack of vertigo for at least 8 months…So thank you, thank you, thank you … I gladly and confidently recommend your therapy for anyone seeking help with healing themselves.

Other Comments from Participants

During the sound healing I was taken to another dimension feeling so relaxed. No experience is ever the same. Sound Healing with Barbara has changed my life and my four children’s lives – we regularly do voice toning and I put on Barbara’s singing bowls CD and calm the whole house and our lives, minds, body & soul.
Thank you so much Barbara. - Yoga Teacher

Out of this world. - Carer

Very calm and centred. Everyone should experience the crystal bowls and the feel of the sound around them at least once in their life.-Business Owner

During the session I felt very relaxed and the stress simply left my body! I felt much better than before I arrived at the session. - Sales Manager

Peaceful, pleasant experience carrying me to a restful place. Thank you. - Yoga Teacher

Spacious, drifting, great – renewed, thankful. Beautifully done. -Teacher